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A contact represent an individual or group. For example, you might assign one or more operational contacts to each site.

Each contact must include a name, which is unique to its parent group (if any). The following optional descriptors are also available:

In Peering Manager

  • Name: a name for the contact
  • Title: a title for the contact (like Engineering Team)
  • Phone: a phone number the contact can be reached at
  • Email: an e-mail address the contact can be reached at
  • Address: a location the contact where the contact can be
  • Comments: a text to your liking to provide more details about the contact

Contact Assignment

Each contact can be assigned to one or more autonomous systems, allowing for the efficient reuse of contact information. When assigning a contact to an AS, the user may optionally specify a role to better convey the nature of the contact's relationship to the assigned AS.